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Rustichelli & Mangione

Noventa di Piave

Via Marco Polo 1 | Veneto Designer Outlet, 30027 Noventa di Piave, Italia


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Feels always good to have your song among 2017 best songs!\�\�\�\�
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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=_Fis-URQTaM
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PAOLO RUSTICHELLI'S 'VOYAGER' ON BBC'S PAUL MILLER SHOW! It's beautiful to see your last tune at BBC, together with music legend like 'Earth, Wind and Fire' or 'Kool and the Gang'....Thanks Paul Miller! http:\/\/www.bbc.co.uk\/programmes\/p0532ktk
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My new single 'VOYAGER' in the TOP50 is n.35, barely at the first week! ...the ride in the Radio Stations will be long, but this is a really good start, hopefully for a good smooth voyage in the Smooth Jazz realm... http:\/\/www.smoothjazznetwork.com\/single-post\/2017\/05\/19\/TOP-50-SONGS-FOR-MARCH-20TH
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For a better world\…a world of peace, music and amor\…love... https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=j1Ykos4zOqk
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A LOVE SONG FOR SAN VALENTINE FROM ME : This is a song I composed years ago for Miles Davis and Miles is playing his trademark 'harmon trumpet' sound\…an hypnotic song of love for your sweetest San Valentine day\…peace & love from me\…enjoy! https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=N_KmZpP6ZPI
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At times, in my dreams, my father Carlo says that the paradise of artists is a wonderful place to go\…RIP Al! https:\/\/www.nytimes.com\/2017\/02\/12\/arts\/music\/al-jarreau-singer-who-spanned-jazz-pop-and-rb-worlds-dies-at-76.html?_r=0
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'A WHITER SHADE OF PALE' THE XMAS SONG FOR ALL : After having explored Beethoven's classical 'Moonlight Adagio', I made in tribute to the Britsh band 'Procol Harum' a new version of the song 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale'. This song is one of my favorite and I believe was tremendously original at the time. This is a faithful version of 'Procol Harum' 67' smash hit single. Recorded with my Mac and LogicPro, as usual I play All the instruments, which are mainly plugins and synths. I also sing and used special 'Abbey Road Studios' devices to emulate the sound of the time... Lastly the 'psichedelic' video of this song celebrates the 'Flower Power' fabulous years, when the original song came out. Hope you Enjoy your holidays and the song!\… https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=pRpqSQsBNvI
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CELEBRATING XMAS, BEETHOVEN BIRTH ANNIVERSARY & 2016 SUPERMOON : Taking a break from Smooth Jazz, celebrating forthcoming Christmas and in occasion of Supermoon perigee on December 13 2016, I recorded and shot a video of Beethoven's Adagio 'Moonlight' from Sonata Op. 27. It's a special version I made with a sampled piano plug and a synth choir. It is faithful to Beethoven partitura on which I added a choir. I wish best holidays and a very peaceful Xmas to All of you\…enjoy the 'Moonlight' serenade!... https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=hBuhbaVH40w
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HALLOWEEN 2016 : Taking a lil' break from Smooth Jazz, I like to present a psychedelic version of Emerson, Lake & Palmer 'Tarkus'. As usual I play all the instruments with my plug in's. Hopefully you will enjoy this short video and your Halloween time!... https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=1zIkQ1RB5JM
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A short video taken with an i-phone (you can tell from the choppy audio...lol) by a friend when I was playing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' in Rome at house of a friend, playing a digital Yamaha Piano, two years ago. I like this song... https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=uX-EjRgKlXg
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'DON'T STOP' N.3 THIS WEEK ! My last single 'Don't Stop' still climbing charts this week at N.3 ! I like to thank All DJ's at Stations in the US and All around the globe. A special thanks goes to Sandy Shore, Donna Phillips, Jason and Cliff Gorov and Laura Rieder, who are essential and brilliant part of my Air Promotion Team. Thanks also to All supporters and listeners Worldwide. Keep enjoying the show and the new forthcoming Album!...lol...
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'Don't Stop' still climbing Charts, this week at N.5 in the Smooth Jazz!...well, there are still hopes then for Independent artists, lone wolves like me, that are composing, playing, arranging, mixing, producing music like I do. Enjoy this fresh single, that I made in my Home Studio like a good Italian home made pasta...lol...!... http:\/\/www.smoothjazz.com\/charts\/indie-chart.php
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My new single 'Don't Stop' with one of my grooviest rhythmic 'groove' I composed\…lol\…it's now at three weeks from release in the TOP 50 in Smooth Jazz Chart. Sounds good and promising so far\…Thanks to All DJ's spinning' in the US and Worldwide!... http:\/\/www.smoothjazz.com\/charts\/
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My new single 'DON'T STOP' started good among the Most Added in many Charts this week. It's a groovy tune, which feature one of my favorite instruments, the Wurlitzer Electric Piano. As usual is not the real Wurli but a very cool Plug-In version of the real instrument. I play all the instruments-plugs as I do always. I believe that a 'genuine' Artist needs to provide a real image of itself. Nothing is more real of composing, playing and producing everything as I do. Differently is to use Session men, Arrangers, Producers, Engineers\….everything but you, as good as they can be... 'DON'T STOP is dedicated to tenacity, to somebody that never recede from a goal\…never stopping the flow of his will! Hopefully you will enjoy this tune which precedes the Album 'Soul Italiano' which will be released this month...
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Maybe you like to hear my new single 'Don't Stop'! It will precede my new Album 'Soul Italiano' that will be out in next early April. Enjoy!... http:\/\/paolo.org
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Somebody took at my surprise this shot with a paper Santa!\…lol\…Good news for my new forthcoming album 'Soul Italiano', at the beginning of the 2016!\…so, have fun for the Holidays and beyond!...
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This week my 'Euro Nights' climb to N.4!!! Cool... http:\/\/www.smoothjazz.com\/charts\/indie-chart.php
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My single 'Euro Nights' yesterday in the AMAZON BEST SELLERS TOP20! I made a pic that shows the position at the time, since these charts are changing fast positions, most of the time!\…lol...
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'Euro Nights' my last single reached today TOP positions at Amazon.com TOP SELLERS! I enjoy this momentum, this being my 2th single after 'Med Groove' that in a few months is reaching N.1 at Amazon and reaching TOP100 at iTunes\…etc\…! Cool ! http:\/\/www.amazon.com\/gp\/bestsellers\/dmusic\/324565011\/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_dmusic_1_4_last
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My New Single 'Euro Nights' N.9 at 2th week!!!\…excellent\… http:\/\/www.smoothjazz.com\/charts\/indie-chart.php
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A special thanks to Denis Poole for his enthusiastic support of my music! http:\/\/www.smoothjazztherapy.com


Pessima qualità del cibo. Alle 7 di sera chiedendo le patate al cartoccio, ci sono state servite le patate che pensavo fossero solo per esposizione nel bancone. Servite fredde,fatte riscaldare di nuovo. Scaldate direttamente nel cartoccio perciò sono diventate delle simpatiche patate lesse. Le focaccie a vista non sembravano per niente fresche. Non ci tornerò più.

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Piu o meno le patate fritte vengono a tutti, ma rustichelli nn e buono in questo!chissa nel resto??? qui ho assaggiato le peggiori patate prefritte e riscaldate in una specie di cartoccio che alla fine le lessa all'interno! Nn ho parole...2,90 a cartoccio!

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Al super outlet di noventa, dove girano super signori/signore con portafogli di un certo calibro, dove il lusso non viene garbatamente ostentato ma c'è... in questo bar alle 19.00 di sabato sera servono uno spritz con dosaggi quantomeno discutibili e soprattutto... HANNO FINITO LE PATATINE!!!! Spritz a stomaco vuoto perché son talmente generosi in queste nostre terre dove lo spritz... Altro 

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Posto di per se che attira l attenzione del cliente ma.......siamo entrati per orario aperitivo chiedendo un semplice spritz con aperol..morale?2 spritz 6 euro con nemmeno un po' di patatine o cicchetti..vorrei avvisare i proprietari che siamo in Veneto e NON ESISTE lo spritz senza cicchetto....cambiate lavoro o non proponete aperitivi...

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Buone le focacce farcite ma per saziare te ne devi mangiare almeno due che con bibita e macedonia per due abbiamo pagato 30 euro. Peccato poco posto a sedere dentro.

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Ore 13:50 coda infinita, ma la ragazza dietro il banco super brava, veloce, gentile e brava a gestire il boom di gente. Ritorneremo x la focaccia e x la ragazza super brava.

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
I menù vantati, peraltro cari, con possibilità ipotetica di vasta scelta tra pizze e focacce, dolci o frutta si riducono in realtà alla povera disponibilità reale del momento. Se poi ti azzardi ad entrare per cena quando l'orario di chiusura è alle 22 nel periodo estivo muori di fame... oppure ti devi accontentare di ciò che è avanzato in giornata... Altro 

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Rustichelli? Sì. Mangione? No. Cambierei il nome in: Paninelli e Soldoni - renderebbe di piu' l'idea. Abbiamo mangiato una piadina che piu' di un pasto normale sembrava un foglio di carta con una fettina di salame nel mezzo. Per la modifca cifra di 6 euro. Sei euro. Ci ha aperto lo stomaco e svuotato il portafoglio. Quando sono uscito mi... Altro 

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Personale gentile.......... Pulizia nella norma... si trova anche di peggio...... Purtroppo hot dog e patatine....... no comment............

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave
Se si vuole mangiare all'interno dell'Outlet di Noventa, le possibilità non sono tante: ci sono pochi bar (non oserei chiamarli ristoranti) che offrono più o meno tutti panini, pizzette, piadine, tramezzini, brioches ecc. Nell'insieme il cibo di questo piccolo locale non è male, che si tratti di dolce o di salato, anche se nulla di particolare. Il prezzo però è... Altro 

Rustichelli & Mangione - Noventa di Piave

Rustichelli & Mangione

Noventa di Piave

Via Marco Polo 1 | Veneto Designer Outlet, 30027 Noventa di Piave, Italia

boutique del forno - focaccia, pizza, panini, pasticceria, insalate