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So he walked in the snow for the first time, and he sat down in the snow. Then I brought him inside, and he sits on the floor. I think he's sleepy or something. He's \"special\" and does weird stuff all the time. Have you ever seen strange behavior in a chicken? Lol I wish you could meet him, he's such a goof!
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Polly Pocket & Captain Morgan seem to be enjoying their new condo alongside Buelah and she seems to appreciate the company! http:\/\/www.the-chicken-chick.com\/2011\/06\/integrating-new-flock-members-playpen.html
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I SO excited! Came into work to my signed books being delivered yesterday!!!!! One for me, one for a local library. Can\’t wait to share it with others. Thanks again Kathy. I look forward to reading it, probably when I\’m laid up from surgery in January, cause that\’s when I\’ll have the most time.
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Good morning. I\’ve got a polish girl...she just came thru her first molt and she\’s gorgeous but her head poof thingie is huge...and I fear she can\’t see well. I know she can\’t even see me when I reach for her. How do I trim her right? Are there any dangers trimming so close to her head?
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Thanks to your blog posts, my girls and the chicken fountain survived the first below freezing temperatures of the year.
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I found Ted E Graham a girlfriend! She even likes to clean house.... https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/189287804456890\/videos\/1726242897428032\/
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What attitude looks like lol #monkeywrench
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Coffee: Better living through massive caffeine consumption. #coffeeup
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All though it doesn\’t get as cold here in NC I got my little Seramas this to keep warm. They love it!!
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The ellen deHeneres Yolk of the Day: How does a gingerbread man make his bed? With a cookie sheet.
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I am SO eggcited to be able to share a tiny glimpse into what I\’ve been up to in California this year! Chicken Chick branded chicken coops are on their way to backyards across the nation in 2018!!!! What would YOU like Mike, my lead engineer at SummerHawk Ranch, to consider as essential design elements in the final phases of creative awesomeness?? #weighin #skysthelimit #teamchickenchick
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Found this egg today. #1. It's huge! Probably double normal size for my girls. #2. Strangely formed. Any idea what has caused this. I am sure you know so would you please share? Thanks so much and praying for a safe and productive trip?
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Look what I found in my travels! I don\’t know what makes it lucky or what it\’s for, do you?
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I desperately need some advice. I have a Dominique that her belly is very blouted and she can't or won't walk. I do not feel an egg so I do not think she is egg bound. I just gave her a 30 Epson salt soak which she seemed to enjoy. She is still eating and drinking she just seems miserable.
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Can anyone tell me if my little guy can mate with my big girls, he certainly tries to\�\�\�\�
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Went and bought my Spruce the Coop today at the TSC in East Syracuse, NY today.
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Hi Kathy! I have a Sweet PDZ question. I\’m sure I\’m overthinking this but if it\’s purpose is to absorb and chickens explore by pecking stuff all the time I\’m sure they will ingest some won\’t they? I know it says it\’s non toxic, but wouldn\’t it absorb moisture inside chicken? I really have been wanting to use this for a long time but I can\’t get past my brain thinking I\’m going to be drying out my chickens from the inside out\�\�. I know you use it and I am sure you wouldn\’t if could harm them in any way so what stops it from dehydrating if they ingest any? Ugh writing it out makes me sound even nuttier lol
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Mr. Chicken Chick is beginning the process of introducing Polly Pocket & Captain Morgan to Buelah today. Wish I could be there to see it! http:\/\/www.the-chicken-chick.com\/2011\/06\/integrating-new-flock-members-playpen.html
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Good morning, I have a question concerning a hen that has been laying on some eggs for about a week and a half now. She shares a coop with about seven other chickens. She will get up at least once every morning to feed but only for a few minutes, however when she does some of the other chickens will get in her cubby to lay there eggs. Should I move the laying hen and the eggs that she is sitting on to another cubby that non of the chickens use? Will this interrupt the hatching process?
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Here do you get your tarp for winterizing your coops and how are they attached
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Just pour the coffee and back away slowly. #coffeeup
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The ellen deHeneres Yolk of the Day: What do you call kids who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic.
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On my way into dinner...this guy pulls up alongside me. Coolest dog in California. #Shadow #bikerdog #fresnosights
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Yes, I wore sloggers to church today! Halfway there and remembered I didn't change to my boots!
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I have a serama sitting on fertile serama eggs. Right now the mom has layer feed in with her. I plan on switching to starter\/grower when the chicks hatch. If I put a bowl of oyster shell in with the mama and the chicks will the chicks stay out of the oyster shell.