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Just wanted to share this photo. The chicks are huddled together it\’s night time they are sleeping the eco glow is on the shortest level. I tried taking the side off and angling it but they couldn\’t all fit together. Is this okay? They aren\’t making any noise. Just want them to be happy and healthy! Thank you for the advice!
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Today is our chicks Gotcha Day! One year ago, two teachers who knew nothing about chickens got 10 little fluffy babies! We have kept them alive and very happy for a year thanks to all your articles and help!! They are the perfect addition to our school. Thank you!
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Sure, I've got a strange job description, but the satisfaction I get from knowing that I can help people, pets and properties from the fire danger posed by \"traditional\" chick warming equipment simply by recommending a safer product is priceless. #ilovemyjob How much heat do chicks REALLY need? Find out here!---> http:\/\/\/23fLEyG Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder http:\/\/\/1aCEeIM (affiliate link)
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I just wanted to share how excited I am to be using the new safe brooder in my classroom that The chicken chick recommended at The National FFA Convention in October....We had a great conversation and she really convinced me on the need for this safety improvement for the health of my flock. The little ones love it and we are teaching a new generation of chicken care takers a great husbandry practice!
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FB is driving me batty. I don't get live feed notifications anymore no matter what I do. I notice that the notifications (all on) selection no longer mentions videos. Just 2 days ago I rechecked and and reselected to \"see first\" and to \"all on\" and this evening I'm back to default again! I've been to \"help\" and cannot find a solution. I know you can't fix it, so yeah, I'm just ranting, but also I think one of the 2 legged flock had a good idea a few days ago. We need some CHICKEN CHICK WINES!! That would at least improve things somewhat. lol
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Clementine crashed the Serama condo looking for snacks. Who knew rabbits like chicken feed? #chowhound #funnybunny #netherlanddwarf
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Hey Kathy - one of my 3 week old chicks was fine yesterday morning. I came home at lunch and it\’s hobbling around like this. It\’s eating and drinking, just can\’t seem to stand up right or walk right. Any suggestions??
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Join me LIVE inside the petting zoo where Captain Morgan is loving life! #sisterwives
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Help! My flock (4 reds and a rooster) are attacking my elderly hen. I took her in and she is staying in a box in the mud room. I put no peck goop on her wounds and let her heal, but when I tried to put her back in they just attacked her again. I let her out on the patio this morning (others still in coop) but she\’s very frightened. Any suggestions?
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Kathy i am adding a droppings board to my coop this weekend. I wanted to ask in your red coop how high up is the droppings board from the floor and how far are the roost from the droppings board? Thank you!!
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Hi. I was devastated to find one of my 10 month Light Brahmas dead a right inside the door of the coop when I went to close the coop last night. No signs of illness in the morning and no signs of injury. She was small compared to her sister. It was so sudden! Any thoughts?
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Captain Morgan, Polly, Myrtle and Hermione are one big, happy family now! Yet another successful flock merger using The Playpen Method! #sisterwives http:\/\/\/2011\/06\/integrating-new-flock-members-playpen.html
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I need advice, I have a sick hen with breathing issues, something respiratory. What is best to treat her with? VetRx I'm doing, what about antibiotics? What do you recommend?
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The new site looks gorgeous!
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My husband said if I get any more chickens he's going to leave me. DARN! I'm really going to miss that man.
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Here's a cute bee-hind! I thought of you when I saw this. It reminds me of your Tushy Tuesdays. Happy Friday everyone!
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The new website looks great. Fresh, clean and efficient looking.
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Who needs broody hens when you have adoptive dads willing to take care of them :)
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Caffeine: it maintains my sunny disposition. #coffeeup #safetyfirst
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LOVE the new website Kathy, it is clean & well done. Congrats! However, your link >>>>>on this page is broken. I am sure that your web developer can fix it asap. ~R
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Hello, I'm just about to reach my one year anniversary of being a chicken parent. And this winter in PA has been an eye opener. I plan on building a new coop, but I have some questions about size. My run is 18'\×10' and current coop is 4'\×7'. I currently have 7 hens and 2 roosters (started with a dozen peeps). I plan on getting up to a dozen hens. What size do you recommend building the coop? I'm thinking of 6'\×8', but I saw that you recommend at least 4sqft per bird and to plan on building a coop for twice the birds you plan on getting. I just don't want to make too big of a coop. Any guidance would be a huge help. Thank you.
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Evidence that someone got out of the pen....Miss Pepper????
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It's happening!! Spruce the Coop\® Herbal Fusion & Sweet Coop\® Zeolite is appearing on shelves NATIONWIDE!! Jax Mercantile, Co in 950 E Eisenhower Blvd. in Loveland, Colorado has it stocked NOW! Show Jax some love, guys!! Thank you Pamela Gheen for snapping the pic & sharing the news! Standlee Premium Western Forage
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Hi there Kathy! Hope all is well. I am prepping for Kona again...wahooo! We are going Bantam crazy this year. I have fallen in love with them. Getting 6 different varieties, 12 in all. Were getting them in June. Designing a nice little bantam castle. I love what you do. Best wishes! Jenn and Blue's Backyard Barnyard!
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It\’s a BIG day for my smallest bird- Polly Pocket laid her first egg!!!! Good on ya, girl!! #soproud http:\/\/\/2013\/02\/when-will-hen-begin-laying-eggs-what-to.html